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 Rumor Mill

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PostSubject: Rumor Mill   Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:38 am

Ok so I have been getting emails about certain things, and I figure I will continue to do so, So Im going to start this thread here called RUMOR MILL so you guys can hear from the horses mouth as it were certain things that NEED to be said that people keep asking about.

You wont be able to post here, But you CAN read it. If you have questions, DM ME PRIVATELY.

1. THERE WILL BE NO COVER MODELS AT AAD AT ALL. You want then, go to RT. AAD is about Readers and Authors making a connection about the book between the covers, not some sweaty guy that needs to learn the joys of astringent.

2. Authors looking to be a Featured Author will have to do more then just ask to be on panels... More on this when I get back from vacay.
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Rumor Mill
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