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 Lost and confused

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Sasha White

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PostSubject: Lost and confused   Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:06 pm

Hey everyone.

I'm so very lost and confused when it comes to planning my time during this conference. In all honesty, I'm pretty lost and confused when it comes to almost everything about this conference. Is there any ONE place where I can see a schedule for whats going to happen, what costs extra, what is included, and who is doing what when?

There's the website that is pretty vague, I've been on here, and see q&a's about things, but not a lot of information about the actual conference. I've heard about a blog, and have seen it once before but can't find it again...although when I did find it , it didn't seem to have much information either (or I would've bookmarked it).

I'm attending this conference with another person, who is not a writer, and she is also super confused, and lost. We're both getting various emails and trying to figure things out from them are making us both a bit....frustrated. Is there anyplace where all of the information is posted? I don't have time to sort through emails, blogs, forums and a website to try and figure things out, and I really do need to have an idea of whats what before I attend.

If I am just too early, and the website will be updated with all the information eventually, then please tell me, and I'll stop banging my head not he desk and wait.

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Beth P


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PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused   Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:22 pm

I feel a bit like I'm in the same boat. This will be my first time at AAD and I didn't register until Feb. 8. I've been jumping between the one email I received upon registration, the website, the blog, Facebook, and this forum in order to piece together information.

A link to the blog with the schedule was posted on the Facebook page today. Here it is: http://authorsafterdark.blogspot.com/2012/02/schedule.html

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Sasha White

Posts : 6
Join date : 2012-02-16

PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused   Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:36 pm

Hi Beth,

I found the blog, too. YAY!

I've also talked to Stella a bit, and I'm sure many of our questions will be answered when the website is updated, which I understand, shouldn't be too far away. Then I hope everything will be in one place. The others are great to keep up to date, but all the information in one place will save my sanity. LOL

who will be patient.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused   

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Lost and confused
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