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 Top 3 Books on GLBT

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PostSubject: Top 3 Books on GLBT   Top 3 Books on GLBT EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 5:54 pm

Hi There!

I see no one has posted here yet! I wanted to start my stay here with this topic since I am a proud member of the GLBT community. cyclops

I found this list of GLBT Literature that I hope you find interesting as well. I have also listed some on my other forum at TopicTower. com

If you have other GLBT literature that you would like to share, please do! I needed inspiration from your views on this topic so I can write a blog about this. Smile If you feel that this is too taboo for you, you can message me and I would reply gladly!

1. Maurice by E. M. Forster
Homosexuality was illegal in Britain in 1913, but E. M. Forster was determined to give his novel about gay life in that era a happy ending anyway. Still, he didn’t dare publish it, instead showing it only to a few close friends. The novel, by the author of such acclaimed works as A Passage to India and Howards End, was finally published posthumously in 1971 — and was controversial even then. But gay readers saw this extraordinary novel for what it is, and the 1987 movie (made by the gay filmmaking duo of Merchant/Ivory) propelled this revolutionary novel into the ranks of the classics where it belongs.

2. Mysterious Skin by Scott Heim
When a book becomes a terrific movie, sometimes the film overshadows its source material. That’s a mistake in the case of this 1995 novel, which is every bit as powerful as the well received 2004 movie. As young boys, Neil and Brian were both abused by their baseball coach — an event that pushed the boys in very different directions. Brian thinks he was abducted by aliens, and Neil has ended up a prostitute. Only when they meet again as young adults can the truth finally penetrate the mysterious skin that surrounds them both.

3. At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill
Jim is quiet and studious, and Doyler is brash and outspoken. Jamie O’Neill’s 2001 novel is about the unlikely love affair between these two Irish men in Dublin at the time of the 1916 Easter Uprising. With its stream-of-consciousness style, the challenging, but masterful novel has been compared to James Joyce’s Ulysses. The novel won the 2001 Lambda Award for Gay Men’s Fiction — and has only seen its reputation grow since then.
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Top 3 Books on GLBT
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